Availability September

Lunch Dinner
Sat 1 Available Full
Sun 2 Closed Closed
Mon 3 Available Available
Tue 4 Available Full
Wed 5 Available Full
Thur 6 Available Full
Fri 7 Full Full
Sat 8 Available Full
Sun 9 Closed Closed
Mon 10 Available Available
Tue 11 Closed 4pax @ 20h00/20h30
Wed 12 Available Full
Thur 13 Available Full
Fri 14 Available Up to 4 19h00,19h30
Sat 15 Limited Full
Sun 16 Closed Closed
Mon 17 Available Available
Tue 18 Available Available
Wed 19 Available Full
Thur 20 Available Available
Fri 21 Available Full
Sat 22 Available Full
Sun 23 Closed Closed
Mon 24 Available Available
Tue 25 Available Available
Wed 26 Up to 4 pax Available
Thur 27 Available Available
Fri 28 Available Full
Sat 29 Available Full
Sun 30 Closed Closed

As ever: reserve via contact@holysmoke.london



Now opening on Mondays

Hey all,

After a rash of enquiries we’re finally taking the experimental plunge and opening on Mondays. Nothing else changes for you, we’ll now just be able to see you six days a week.

See you soon,